Bad Piggies – iOS

Bad Piggies   iOS

Yes folks, bad piggies is available on iOS. The guys who brought us Angry Birds have take the franchise to a new level and they have created another gem. At first looks, Bad Piggies seems a little bizarre. Believe me, it is. You don’t need to fling anything at the green animals that go oink but you do need to get them to the finishing area using a variety of tools. On the first levels your given wheels and boxes. Be careful to put the wheels in the right places or the pig will fall over and you’ll need to restart.

Bad Piggies   iOS The artwork and animations on the game are fantastic, the app still hasn’t got an update to fit the iPhone 5 screen and there’s no saying when it will. However, It’s still usable and good fun to play. I enjoy it anyway download it AppStore – Bad Piggies and have a play. Let us know what you think.