Valve announces Greenlight Concepts; allows free submission

Valve today announced the creation of Steam Greenlight Concepts, a project that has come off the back of the recent decision to change a $100 mandatory donation the Child’s Play to help cut down on fake registrations such as ‘Half-Life 3’. The move didn’t exactly prove popular with some indie developers, as the more cash-strapped didn’t want to put up the money for a mere chance to get a taste of the Steam life.

Concepts allows indie developers to post game ideas and work-in-progress items for the community to look at and suggets improvements for. I think it’ll be a great way to get a game noticed and get feedback from a large community. As before, if you want to progress to Greenlight there is a $100 fee but as your game is already established on the system I would imagine it would be easier to get noticed.

If you want to have a look at the already submitted concepts, head over to the Concepts page on Greenlight. One of the best uses of Greenlight Concepts so far appears to be Inquisitor 2, a “proper” Greenlight game that is using their Concepts page for people to suggest changes for their RPG. Of course, there may be others that we haven’t seen – let us know of some good projects in the comments and we’ll collate them into an article in the future!

source: Steam Greenlight Concepts
via: ArsTechnica