Google event scheduled for October 29th – bring on the fun!

Google has today sent invites to an event on 29th October in New York City.

Google event scheduled for October 29th   bring on the fun!


There have been plenty of rumours surrounding the a number of new Nexus handsets recently with talk of an LG Nexus 4, a Sony Nexus and a 32gb Nexus 7.

With a tagline of “The Playground is open”, any number of things could be meant and it would be foolish to predict exactly what Google are planning.

It would also be remiss of me not to mention that Google have scheduled the event on the same day that Microsoft are holding their own Windows phone event –┬ámischievousness at its best!!

It looks suspiciously like Google are having a bit of fun here but the question still remains, will we really see a new Nexus device, how many will we see and what version of Android will it be running.

We will of course do our best to bring you a live stream of the event and a live blog too.


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  • Moo Moo Head

    Surely is can only be a new or some new Nexus devices.
    If it the next version of Android, surely it can only be bump for JB and not KLP yet….
    If it is the next OS version, then I will give up with the other handsets and buy a Nexus device, otherwise will be miles behind eventually.