Learn more about Microsoft Surface

Learn more about Microsoft SurfaceTwo videos in one day! Boy Microsoft are spoiling us. This one shows the Surface tablet and a few of it’s features. Nothing astounding really but interesting if your like me and you’ve pre-ordered a Surface.

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  • Enlightening video – it looks far worse than I thought!
    The “Modern UI” looks nice, but then you go through to a standard Windows Desktop?!
    The iPad’s going to eat it for breakfast!

    • Anonymous

      On RT you’ll really only hit the desktop to do office or file management (and to be honest you probably won’t do a lot of file management) and some deeper control panel stuff (which is a bit clunky I suppose!), the rest is all apps (or should be).

      On the full Windows 8 tablets, well the fact that you can go through to the desktop is part of the point…

      With reference to the iPad, erm, maybe. The iPad is a really nice piece of technology but one can make a fairly reasonable argument that the Windows 8/RT implementation (and also WP7/WP8) is an improvement in terms of the touch-centric user experience and in terms of build one hopes (having pre-ordered!) that what MS have produced in the surface is on a par.

      If I were a betting person… well I’m glad I’m not – I think RT devices may struggle unless they’re both cheap and fast (this is the issue with ~10″ Android devices – you can have cheap /or/ fast). I want something iPad like without having to buy into the apple ecosystem and a surface will give me that but I’m not sure I’m representative. OTOH I think that we’re going to see a lot of hybrid pc devices – once they start hitting the right price points and that in turn leads to a massive market for apps (which, in a virtuous circle, will run on RT and probably, with minimal effort, on a WP8 too)

  • Why would you pre-order? Crazy fool :) This is a MICROSOFT product, you have to wait for at least 3 Service Packs before venturing …