Definitive proof: Galaxy SIII is better than iPhone 5

Definitive proof: Galaxy SIII is better than iPhone 5

Why? Just why?

There are many scientific experiments that have gone a long way towards advancing the human cause.  There are those that sacrifice everything they have in order to achieve their lifetime goal and along the way humankind benefits.  

There are those that do something never done before.  Indeed, only this week Felix Baumgartner managed to jump from 123,000 feet up having been hoisted there by nothing more than a balloon.

Then there are those that are just plain stupid.  I’ll let you watch the following video and make your mind up what category it falls into………

Is it of scientific interest that the Galaxy S3 is better in a blender than an iPhone 5? Probably not, but at least we can say that we now know…….

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  • Steve

    I know this is a joke post but where in that video does it show the GSIII is better?

    • the S3 is clearly better at resisting / avoiding the blades of the blender!!!

      • iPhone Fan

        If the blend was limited to 30 seconds then the S3 would definitely win (although I’m not sure how usable it would be!). The end result was the same though lol. I am surprised that the iPhone’s metal casing didn’t withstand more though. The ultimately winner is the blender – I want one!!!

  • ERk

    In what way is jumping from 123,000 feet in a balloon more clever?
    These guys will get millions of views without even risking their lives.

    • seriously?? Felix pushed the boundaries of human achievement and got 5 million live viewers on youtube, as well as being on every major news channel across the globe. These guys blend two expensive smartphone…which is really more clever?

      • ERk

        Yeah, you’re right. Dying for a dodgy soft drink is probably better than blending a smartphone while staying alive for your family and friends.