Add some novelty passes to Passbook on iOS

Add some novelty passes to Passbook on iOS

Passbook is slowly gaining traction on iOS and if you haven’t used it before and you’re curious to see how it works then you can add some novelty passes from historic events courtesy of Flon solutions. 

You can download passes for such memorable journeys as Titanic’s maiden voyage or the ill-fated Oceanic flight 815.

If events are more your cup of tea then why not add a pass for the Star Wars premier? Or a luncheon with President John F Kennedy?

There’s also sporting events like Ali vs Frazier and the 1966 World Cup Final.

These are a fun way of filling up your Passbook if its looking a bit bare just now. Rest assured assured that Flon Solutions have promised more passes and numerous other companies are working on more useful passes too.

The link for all the passes is here