LG Optimus G previewed on YouTube

It’s not quite the next rumoured pure Google variant after the Galaxy Nexus, but the full manufacturer version currently called the LG Optimus G which you can now see on YouTube. There’s an almost marmite-level contrast of opinions on this phone from our team.

Some of our team have stated they’re unimpressed by the design (you can listen in the latest coolsmartphone podcast). Others feel like the specs (including the Snapdragon S4 pro) being the still-not-confirmed new possible Nexus device up to par with the best coming out later this year. There’s no confirmation that the Optimus Nexus will break out from the rest of the Android pack and supply the 13 megapixel camera in its Sprint and Korean versions or that it will have the 8 megapixel version. Thoughts are they’ll stay with the smaller sized camera module to avoid the unsightly bump.

The parts that aren’t likely to change are the integrated glass touchscreen which should make the phone that fraction bit slimmer, the 2100 mAh battery, and the QSlide functionality which allows you to check two apps out on the same screen. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s a bit more like picture over picture than picture in picture. Its been noted that the app won’t work with YouTube other other apps for video, but it does function inside its own Gallery app. Since QSlide is not part of the default Google Experience, the likelihood is that that functionality won’t come installed as standard. Whatever does ship, they’ll all come with a 320ppi display that we’re eager to use in day-to-day use. It’ll clock in at a relatively svelte 132.4 x 68.1 x 8.9 mm, and the 12-core NVIDIA GPU is nothing to sniff at to take advantage of the 1920 x 720 pixel screen. One thing to note is that although the Korean product page states it will get an fm radio, its been a relative rarity in the UK, so we’ll see if that makes it to our shores.

The full breakdown of LG’s product page is below, but bear in mind the translation may leave a little to be desired. When we find out which networks are stocking the non-nexus variant, you’ll be the first to know. One thing is for sure: EE won’t be stocking it as it won’t run on the 1800 MHz LTE band.



Optimus G own creative design


Optimus G As a result, reducing the thickness of the bezel and cover glass, fully integrated touch technology in creative design contributed greatly. Incoming compact size product in the hands slim design and comfortable grip each of 3mm, and thickness of 8mmsingle bezel Optimus G can feel the colors on the screen when the unit is off screen border of the bezel is almost invisible because of match the visible effects of the boundaries of the screen disappears and the black color of the body and a luxurious crystal reflection method is used in the rear of the Optimus G own creative design has been completed.

Implementation of an innovative ‘hybrid’ G2 Touch display

Optimus G is the world’s first fully integrated glass cover Touch (G2 Touch Hybrid) ‘, called touch with one thin glass cover on the front of the product, and touch sensors combine a fully integrated touch technology greatly improved.

graphics on the screen. feeling without touching the glass, it seems in direct contact with a touch screen, hands at the end of strengths.

existing film in the form of a touch sensor, as well as their air space was needed thinner and disappearing external shocks is much stronger, even surface reflection line screen that can be viewed outdoors while also became sharper. Close to 1mm thickness thinning, the design competitiveness has increased even further.


‘True HD IPS +’ for the first time smart phones equipped

Optimus G LG Display and LG Innotek, which was developed jointly by True HP IPS + (4.7 inches) for the first time equipped with a bright screen and low power consumption at the same time implement

innovative technology that has introduced. We applied high-resolution 2,950,000 pixels 320ppi display

the power consumption do not change according to the color Red contrast 1.6 times sharper display AMOLED has implemented a white background, such as 70% power savings.

Best quad-core processor ‘Snapdragon S4 Pro’

Qualcomm’s new LTE-based next-generation quad-core Optimus G ‘Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) processor have been incorporated into the beginning of the world. existing LG smartphones Optimus G ‘Snapdragon S4 Pro’ the dual Qualcomm ‘Snapdragon S4’ enhanced ‘quad-core’ processor core is equipped with a 1.5Ghz quad-core CPU and quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro boasts the existing quad-core, more than 40% improved CPU performance. the (aSMP, asynchronous Symmetric Multiprocessing SMP) for the low-power driven asynchronous technology is adopted, new processor and all cores operate independently, even if the power-efficient way to reduce the power consumption of the less loaded core has increased graphics speed also three times faster than previous mobile graphics, video, web browsing, and games, navigation environment is superior.

Thin and lightweight, but long-lasting, ‘2, 100mAh large capacity battery

The world’s No. 1 secondary battery sector technology of LG Optimus G chemical applied high-voltage, high-density technology next-generation lithium polymer battery is mounted. Increased cycle battery of the same size compared to the amount of power used to improve 5-6% 500 times in the 800 circuit. Optimus G to provide more capacity, 100 mAh high-capacity battery, till the battery life by up to 80% than conventional thickness 4.5mm to 5mm, the hours of use, on the other hand, the reduced weight 37g 33g rather increased battery called smart can

13 million pixel camera Time Machine

Of the domestic market smartphone Optimus G mount the camera to the highest resolution of 1,300 pixels. Provides excellent image quality in the light does not cut well, as well as Time Machine Chapter 5 to capture the moment the screen within seconds ago, as well as ‘other’. Convenient features, including support for voice shooting, shooting with a ‘Smile’ voice that can shoot moving objects without shaking Smart Shutter:

Now Optimus G, we do not have to bother carrying a heavy DSLR camera can take high-resolution pictures of the can.


Innovative UX and improving the quality of life

LG Electronics Optimus G offers an innovative user experience and improving the quality of life beyond the simple ease of use dimension slide, the world’s first smartphone powered ‘Q’ disruptive innovation multitasking features and could not be seen in the existing PC from one display full-screen at the same time two different overlapping shows. See only a portion of the screen, not full screen it is possible to see things more intuitive and convenient to handle Q-slide ‘DMB DMB as a drama than a chat message to a friend when the screen DMB and chat up chat window shows a translucent screen at the same time. Transparency, foreign drama than a word when questions are easily adjusted through a ‘slide button’ window open vocabulary or the Internet without interrupting the drama can be retrieved. Q slide above the display lets you feel like a transparent display of the virtual presence of the middle of the part you want to play video Zoom (Zoom-in) or Zoom Out (Zoom-out) through the manipulation of larger disappear or smaller showing ‘Live Zoom Live Zooming through the previous videos could not increase or decrease the sorrow away the fun of watching movies has been added. dual-screen, dual-Play (Dual Screen Dual Play)’ sent to the TV screen smartphone greatly looking Mirroring (Mirroring), as well as TV and smartphone screen can show different from Optimus Vu: (view) debuted at the acclaimed ‘Q note (QMemo) ‘also Q translators useful articles on the Internet, has been upgraded to share a web page, or note with the corresponding URL will be added. later be mounted camera to scan the 44 languages recognized up to 64 languages sentence units will translate quickly and easily to A strange language of signs, menu boards, signs and smartphone cameras hovering automatically translated because it is very useful to travel abroad, the case of foreign language study or language training Optimus G instead of pre.





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