Scosche reVOLT c2 dual USB charger – Review

Scosche reVOLT c2 dual USB charger   Review

Back in August we had a Scosche reVOLT c2 dual USB car charger sent to us. Unfortunately it ended up in a “special cupboard” and we’ve only just found it.

Many of you will, I’m sure, have a car charger. The Scosche one is of the “low profile” variety and won’t stick out from your cigarette lighter by a great deal. Low-profile chargers are good because, depending on where your lighter is, they won’t get in the way of your gear change / radio re-tuning or handbrake. It also means that you receive less of a “poke” when you slide across the central console for those “special moments” 🙂

Where was I?

Oh yes. What’s good about this? Well, for starters there’s TWO USB outputs instead of one. Groovy. This means that your personal AND business phone get juice at the same time.

But wait, there’s more. This doesn’t just output 1Amp. This kicks out 2.1Amps per socket. In simple terms this means that your phones or tablets actually get charged instead of just “maintaining” their existing charge or getting an ultra-slow trickle charge. Excellent.

You can buy them here in the UK for £25 or direct from their site or Amazon (where it’s actually a bit cheaper). Honestly? This is a fantastic product. So good that I’ve even filmed a rather spectacular review of it in action..

Link – Scosche