HTC rolls with the punches. Profits take a beating.

HTC rolls with the punches. Profits take a beating.Times are a little tough at HTC. Just a year or two ago there were HTC handsets everywhere. All shapes and sizes. Now everything seems to have spun around. Despite reducing their portfolio and concentrating heavily on the HTC One handsets there’s been a distinct deflation in the HTC balloon.

HTC were quick to act. They knew that there were just a few too many handsets. They created a hot new One range, but somehow Samsung have knocked them sideways. Meanwhile companies like Huawei are providing tough challenges, as are Sony, Motorola and others.

Today HTC have announced that their Q3 net profit has fallen by a massive 79%. Their investor site is all too clear on the problems, showing a T$3.9 billion net profit in the quarter, compared to T$18.68 billion in same quarter last year.

Meanwhile, with the company switching focus to Windows Phone and Android handsets like the One X+ supplementing the One range there’s a continued barrage of advertising and brand strength from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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  • DJ Agent M

    I honestly think HTC need to take care of their customers and listen to what them. If you look after your people’s and they will marry your brand not divorce it. They’ve made a few mistakes over the past 2/3yrs that they haven’t learned from Samsung have capitalised and now HTC are paying for it.

  • Joleen

    htc have lost touch with their users. plastic phones, sealed phones, no expandable memory..these are the plus points of why you get an android phone. Yet they still insist on this destructive path, I really cant see them getting back to what they were as the rot has set in. They used to be special handsets, an quality alternative to apple but no more.

  • mark adams

    In my opinion, HTC lost their way after the Desire HD, the EVO 3D was a good idea (slightly gimmicky) but badly packaged and everything following was an ‘also ran’, i defected to Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus, maybe google saw this early on and that’s the reason Samsung got the gig with the ‘google phone’ rather than HTC….