iPhone 5 delays for up to 4 weeks

iPhone 5 delays for up to 4 weeks

It’s the 6th generation of the handset (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5), its probably generated more column inches than any other phone this year, and to cap it off, the online Apple store has announced a delay of up 3-4 weeks. That’s 28 days for iFans to get the 4”, 640 x 1136 pixel smartphone in their hands. I know there are a lot of complexities involved in production, distribution and shipping, but that is not cool smartphone news.

Meanwhile, if you’re after one, try heading to uswitch.com for some iPhone deals – they appear to have plenty in stock.

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  • Steve

    People can still buy them in Apple stores. This just shows how much demand outstrips supply.

  • presb4

    Or that they are loosing a grip on how to be perfect all the time.
    I really don’t understand why, 95% of the phone looks the same as the old phones so they should be able to use the same old parts from older iphones which they should have plenty of.

  • androidbabys

    people want this phone as they dont want to waste £500 for a s3 that feels and looks cheap….