Do you have an Orange San Diego? Do you fancy trying to break it?

Do you have an Orange San Diego? Do you fancy trying to break it?

The Orange San Diego is one of those devices that had so much potential, various factors screwed up its popularity.

– It was released running Gingerbread even though Ice Cream Sandwich had been out for months.
– It was released with the most locked down bootloader ever seen to man. Which meant that it was not possible to root it.
– Orange also stayed true to form in holding up any possible updates to Ice Cream Sandwich from the OEM manufacturer.

It basically meant that what could have been a great introduction to the Intel Atom CPU for mobile devices, was basically avoided by the masses.

A few guys over at Modaco have been working hard to improve things for Orange San Diego owners.

Basically they have got hold of a recent firmware update for the OEM version of the San Diego. It’s a device called the Lava Xolo X900. This update will flash your San Diego with a stock Gingerbread ROM. Then once you have done that you can update your Orange San Diego to a non Orange branded Ice Cream Sandwich ROM.

Sounds easy? Well you have a few things to download, a few hoops to jump through and it’s likely you’ll break your San Diego if you don’t known what your doing.

So if you fancy trying to break update your San Diego this weekend then head over to this thread at Modaco and have a read.

Beware if you are unsure about adb, fastboot, sdk or bootloaders then this might be a bad idea. You may break your phone.

Source – Modaco