Entertainment Weekly has a smartphone in a printed magazine

Entertainment Weekly has a smartphone in a printed magazine

The latest edition of Entertainment weekly includes a live Twitter feed on a small LCD screen embedded within the pages. That’s right, live.

How are they going to display live tweets in a magazine, I hear you ask? By concealing an Android phone in it, of course!

Print magazines have been using LCD inserts with video since 2009, but a limited number of today’s copy in New York and Los Angeles (1000) will bring a world’s first by receiving data via the T-Mobile network to display a live Twitter feed.

The small LCD screen will include video from the autumn shows from the American CW Network TV broadcasters, and a live feed from @CW_Network.

The feed will include the six latest tweets on the account, though an in-house media team at the CW head office will censor any naughty comments.

Fellow tech site Mashable managed to get their hands on a copy and decided to rip it apart in a video teardown. What they found inside was a stripped down Chinese ABO smartphone made by Foxconn. There was more to the device than you may think though, as they could use a bare PCB Blackberry style QWERTY keypad, make voicecalls and plug it in to a computer as its USB port was still intact.

Print media has finally become connected. Now the question is whether it’s Play Store certified!

Source: Mashable