Starbucks iOS app adds Passbook support – in the US

Starbucks iOS app adds Passbook support   in the US

When iOS6 was announced, Passbook was one of the main new features, with Starbucks being one of the biggest names to be associated with it. An update to the app on the US app store now brings the functionality which was demonstrated at the iOS6 launch. US users can now use Passbook to store Starbucks card balances and pay for purchases in store. While this could already be done through the existing Starbucks app, it looks like a real step in the right direction for the Passbook system. The update brings the additional benefit of using Passbook’s location services, bringing the payment option to the lock screen when the user is in a Starbucks store listed as a favourite.

There’s no Passbook integration for UK users yet – while there is an update available to the UK version of the app, it just brings general iOS6 support, along with a new signup flow and other minor improvements. But we shouldn’t expect to wait too long for a Passbook compatible version to hit these shores. At the moment there are only four Passbook apps available in the UK app store – 3 airline apps and a hotel reservations app – and the addition of an app from a major player like Starbucks could go a long way to establishing Passbook as a really valuable feature in iOS6.

Link: US app store

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  • Steve

    Passbook doesn’t need apps to be a success as its possible to add tickets etc via email or from a website. Making an app would be overkill in most circumstances. I’ve just used it at my odeon and didn’t need a dedictaed app takin up space on my phone.

    • Nick Plain

      You’re right that you can add via email or from a website – but when you first open Passbook you’re presented with a link to the App Store which displays the compatible apps. That’s going to be most people’s first introduction to Passbook, they’ll see four apps which there’s a fair chance they’ll never use, and wonder what the point is. Having an app like Starbucks on there would be something lots of people could identify as a useful feature.