[Rumour] Nexus devices to be made by LG… or everybody?

[Rumour] Nexus devices to be made by LG... or everybody?

In the world of Android mobile phones and tablets, the word Nexus has become a byword for a pure, unadulterated Google device. The pinnacle of what they see as the best hardware and operating system combination.

It’s very nearly a year since the last Nexus phone was released – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – so the rumour mill has now turned its attention to who is going to be the chosen manufacturer to create the new golden child.

There were suggestions earlier in the week that the LG Optimus G was going to become the next Nexus, and that it’ll be announced by the end of October. Today we heard that the rumoured date has changed to November and that it will be known as the LG Optimus G Nexus. Catchy!

Earlier in the year, however, we heard that there would be five new Nexus devices, all from different manufacturers. In doing so, this would dilute the purity and image of the Nexus ethos. This was not seen as a good move amongst the Android hardcore.

Now this rumour has sprouted an extra branch, and the latest is that the Nexus programme will be open to any manufacturer. Potentially anyone will be allowed to make Nexus hardware, so long as they adhere to several rules set out by Google. No skinning (wooo-hoo!), although they be able to provide a skin that the user can apply themselves (much like the custom launchers that are available on the Play store right now, I suppose). New Nexus devices must have 64 MB of secure memory, and various other hardware requirements. Although DigiTimes says manufacturers will have control over the specs and appearance of their hardware. This is a little worrying, as there’s potential for very poorly made devices that are incapable of running the most up to date versions of Android branded as Nexuses, completely ruining the good name that’s been built up over the past few years.

Rumours are also floating around that Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) will be released in the second half of 2013. That’s no surprise and nothing to get excited about yet.

Would you prefer to see one specially built Nexus, showcasing vanilla Android inspirationally, or do you like the idea of a choice of Nexuses?

Source: Android Authority

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