iOS gets StreetView in Google Maps Webapp

So… mapgate.  By now you’ll have read about the maps saga in iOS6. There have also been rumours of Google developing an iOS maps application for the app store, but that’s not here yet. To tide you over though, Google have enabled StreetView functionality to the Webapp, pictured below.

iOS gets StreetView in Google Maps WebappiOS gets StreetView in Google Maps Webapp

You basically find a POI, and click the little man on the bottom right corner, and StreetView appears! Oddly, this doesn’t seem to work for me in Safari, but only in Chrome.

Does it work for you? Do you care? Let us know!

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  • leeds

    i have not had a problem with my ios6 maps as yet and have had a number of trips in west yorkshire….

    i havent come across anything i didnt use on google maps as yet..