Top Gear Stunt School Revolution Released for Android

Top Gear Stunt School Revolution has landed on Android! For too long this Android using Top Gear fanboy has looked on in envy as people played the quirky stunt game. But wait, don’t go searching in the Google Play store for it, because you won’t find it there. The BBC chose to release it in the Amazon App Store. To be fair, it’s a sound decision. Kindle Fire users and regular Android users can enjoy the same game. If you’ve never played the game, I recommend giving it a download! It’s free to download, but it follows a freemium play style.  You get a certain number of plays over time, and you have the option to buy more. You can play the whole game without making a single purchase, which is welcome in freemium games. The game ran great on my Nexus 7, but it is definitely a direct iOS port. If you don’t have the Amazon App Store, you can find it here.