NFC Demo using the Bond Phone

Now then Bond pay attention……….

Here it is then the Bond phone showing of some of it technical wizardry enough to make Q giddy with excitement. One of the great feature of the recent Xperia Line up including the newly announced Xperia T is NFC is built in to the devices. Now I know what your thinking “There is nothing new about NFC it is in Samsung an HTC stuff as well”, true this is indeed the case but Sony have actually made it useful.

With the addition of Smart Tags you can easily set up rules or tasks on the phone using an App called Smart Connect (Play Store Link). This can be done for various different circumstances and parameters. It is incredibly simple to do and once you have it set up then you just initiate the trigger method and you are on your way. the best part is that this tech is not isolated to just Sony mobiles as it can be used on their Tablets and I believe any other NFC Android device*.

So as a treat for you I have made a small video showcaseing the functionality of NFC on the Xperia T using a Bluetooth speaker.

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So as you can see it is incredibly easy to use and also to set up I have now got one of these Smart Tags set up in my car and also I have one setup in my bedroom for when I go to sleep at night.

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