iPad Mini coming November 2nd !?

It’s been in the rumour mill for an absolute age, but sources are sighting a pre-Christmas release of the much awaited iPad mini.

This could be the moment Apple fans have been waiting for, and could prove disruptive to the future Nexus 7 sales, which have been amazing by the way. They are estimating between 6-8 million units by the end of the year!

If the rumour is true, and if Apple follows its usual scheduling protocol, that would suggest a special event to unveil the product on Wednesday 17th October, with a launch day of Friday 2nd November.

Make sure you’re letters to Santa are send early to ensure the magical item is in your hands for Christmas Day 😉 If I get one I’ll be sat away from the family on the toilet watching Netflix or Now TV 🙂

There’s plenty of speculation as to the design of the end state model, some look more iPhone5-esque, some more traditionally aligned to the iPad itself…. (credits to 9to5mac, Vibevixen, tt-mop and Gizmodo for images)