iPad Mini coming November 2nd !?

It’s been in the rumour mill for an absolute age, but sources are sighting a pre-Christmas release of the much awaited iPad mini.

This could be the moment Apple fans have been waiting for, and could prove disruptive to the future Nexus 7 sales, which have been amazing by the way. They are estimating between 6-8 million units by the end of the year!

If the rumour is true, and if Apple follows its usual scheduling protocol, that would suggest a special event to unveil the product on Wednesday 17th October, with a launch day of Friday 2nd November.

Make sure you’re letters to Santa are send early to ensure the magical item is in your hands for Christmas Day ;) If I get one I’ll be sat away from the family on the toilet watching Netflix or Now TV :)

There’s plenty of speculation as to the design of the end state model, some look more iPhone5-esque, some more traditionally aligned to the iPad itself…. (credits to 9to5mac, Vibevixen, tt-mop and Gizmodo for images)

iPad Mini coming November 2nd !?

iPad Mini coming November 2nd !?

iPad Mini coming November 2nd !?

iPad Mini coming November 2nd !?


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  • Joleen

    I think if this is true then they’ll sell loads to existing iOS users, but too much traction has been gained by the other tablets(Goog, Amazon, B&N) that I cant see this being the ultimate run away success many are predicting. Apple aren’t a “me too” company and unless they’ve got some super USP I can’t see them competing on price alone. I think they’ll have to share this one especially as many now know they’re not perfect anymore (maps, scratches, light leaks?). Lack of innovation always catches up with you.

    • applejustworks

      joleen lease tell us what android and the rest have brought to the tablet table…

      for me apple brought all that they have copied but please tell me different..

      • One thing that springs to mind is the 7-8″ tablet form factor which the article is about. Other things include removable storage, built in ports for external displays, widescreen displays and front/rear facing cameras. Some of these have been picked up by Apple, some haven’t yet (widescreen is pretty much a given for the next iPad release given the format change on the iPhone 5) and some mostly likely never will be.

        • Paul Sleight

          Well said!…

          • mmmmandroidsucks

            ok George

            ipad april 2010 which tablet are you comparing it to as the closest tablet was the for me the galxay tab about 5 months after…

      • Joleen

        I’ve been using tablet computers since 1994. You’ve taken my comments out of context. I didn’t mean to offend you and indeed if I were to buy an apple tablet it would be the mini variant. Just look at the original comment for the answer to your comment, they are pretty much everyone considers facts even apple! (expressed in their recent apology)

  • Anonymous

    Well that is my Christmas present sorted as i have just sold my Nexus 7 as i found i was going back to my iPad 2 too much although my wife will be taking that now.