Child runs up £2000 bill on an iPad

If your child plays with your phone or tablet, keep an eye out. Little Will Smith, who’s just six years old, managed to spend an astonishing £2000 whilst using an iPad. It seems that the boy had managed to access his grandfather’s iTunes password to purchase virtual coins, food and unlock codes for Monster Island.

The game features a lot of in-app purchases, and it seems that Will carried on buying the additional features until the credit card associated with the iTunes account eventually hit the limit. It was only when his grandmother tried to use the card at Tesco that the family realised what was happening.

His grandfather told reporters that ..

“Will has just been pressing buttons buying baskets of food and coins for his monsters. I can’t believe how easy it is for kids to buy things. Will’s only six.

If all this sounds a little familiar, I mentioned last week how the increase of iPads, iPods and Android handsets as toys has opened up a whole range of dangers which really need to be addressed and monitored. Luckily in this case Apple have decided to refund the £2000, but it could have been a lot worse.

Link – Telegraph