Android Game Review: Super Penguins

Published by Supersolid comes this cutesy Temple Run style time-waster.

The concept and controls of the game are simple, tilt to move from side to side, tap to jump and keep running as far as you can all the while collecting fish to increase your points tally.

The fish you collect can then be used to acquire power ups all of which aid you in your next run.  You can of course purchase fish in game if you so wish thus avoiding the need to collect them first.  The power ups range from Extra lives all the way to a rocket that can propel you 1000m.  Great fun to watch!!

You control anyone of a number of little creatures (usually a penguin), running on a never ending course whilst avoiding other evil beings such as octopus, explosives, super-slim tracks and icicles!

Graphically Super Penguins cannot be faulted, the animals are superbly drawn and all animations are stunningly smooth.  Whilst it is attractive to youngster it’s not too cutesy as to put off the more mature gamer.

Also contained within the game are various achievements  these range from simply running 1000m all the way up to running into 1000 tiny octopus, obviously, the more you play the higher the likelihood of actually being awarded them.

Overall, this is quite an addictive game that is complimented by a pleasant soundtrack.  Super Penguins is one that you can dip in and out of with ease, that suits all ages and is certainly one that I would have no hesitation in recommending.