Vodafone welcomes back Sony

It has been quite a while since Vodafone stocked any Sony (or Sony Ericsson) devices, thankfully that has all changed and the UK network has now welcomed the Xperia T and Miro into their list, and both can be picked up direct at Vodafone from today.  There is also a third handset been taken on in the Xperia J and this should be on sale shortly.

Vodafone welcomes back Sony

Heidi from the Vodafone Tech Team (you might know her better as ^HS on the @VodafoneUK twitter account) has visited the UK Sony HQ and managed to get some hands on time to show these great new devices off.

 For more information check out the Vodafone UK website where you can get a free Xperia T from £37 a month or a free Miro from just £13 a month.

Link: Vodafone Store (Sony)

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