Ofcom, Govt, telecoms LTE talks still not resolved


We’d all like to see 4G rolled out throughout the country sooner rather than later. The latest report are that the talks designed to move the auction timetable up and to find ways of clearing out the spectrum to be under strain as it enters the final week without a resolution being put forward.


It was hoped that the other operators O2 and Vodafone would be able to roll out LTE to catch up with Everything Everywhere (EE),Three, and Virgin Mobile by spring 2013 instead of autumn/winter period. Vodafone and O2, who have both held the number one operator spot in the last 5 years before EE’s merger propelled them into first place recently agreed not to take Ofcom to court in the hopes that they would be able to bump their own LTE timetable forward.

The FT has reported “Those close to the confidential negotiations have said that discussions are still ‘in  the balance’”.

Sources: The Telegraph, MobileToday, DigitalSpy, Reuters.