Aluminium scratches you know, that’s normal!

The latest way to bash the iPhone 5 is about the Aluminium sides and back plate getting scratched.

9to5Mac have posted what is apparently an email to Phil Schiller (Senior Vice President of Marketing) at Apple asking him what to do about scratches on new iPhones. His reply is interesting and makes you wonder which direction Apple are officially going to go with this.

Here is the screenshot 9to5Mac have posted.

Aluminium scratches you know, thats normal!
Here is the reply they got from Phil. No screenshot though :-(

Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.

I’m guessing we’re building up to another you need to use a case with it type of outcome. Personally I’m not sure which I’d prefer, a shattered back plate or a scratched backplate.

I guess if they had made it from through polycarbonate they wouldn’t be having this problem, you might even be able to get one in bright yellow then.

Source – 9to5 Mac

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  • leaves door open for customizing imo. Especially with the reputedly easy strip down. Aluminium can be painted, powder coated and chromed etc. Look out for multi coloured iPone 5s :)

  • O . M . G, what you mean Apple haven’t invented lots of different coloured aluminIum (yes there is a second I in aluminIum) and that the black is just a coating, oh noes, qick get apple to pay for my phone to be protected by a forcefield so I don’t scratch it.
    FFS, as much as I dislike Apple as a company, you have to wonder what the feck people think is going to happen to their devices if they don’t protect them? Mr Schiller must be doing a rolling eyes motion for most of the day if these are the types of email he gets.

    I have a case on my phone (Xperia Ray) I dropped it the other day and the corner of the case got chipped off, should I write to the manufacturer and complain? Or should I be thankful it did it’s job and protected the phone from damage.

    Why does the internet make me so angry? Why are people so fecking stupid? I need to stop drinking so much coffee in the morning!

    • Anonymous

      Whilst I agree with much of what you say… I would be narked if I paid stupid money for a phone that looked premium for all of 1 week else the alternative is putting it in some naff case to protect the finish. I believe Apple could have made the finish much more durable, then again the iPod touch metal backing scratches ridiculously easily too.
      I am very happy with the scratch resistant poly of my Samsung Galaxy S3 however, no case needed! nice glossy premium feel. So pleased it will also appear on my soon to be delivered Galaxy Note II :)