TomTom: “There is a difference between a map and an app”

TomTom: There is a difference between a map and an app

Satellite navigation giant, TomTom have made it very clear that they take no responsibility for the Apple Maps fiasco that’s haunted the launch of the iPhone 5 and iOS6. Caroline Fisher, vice-president of TomTom’s consumer business unit has stated:

“We are more than willing to work with Apple to help fix any problems, as we would with any of our customers.
“We don’t know what is causing the issues but from our perspective the quality of our data is great and we stand behind it.”

Taking the opportunity to create a nice sound-bite, TomTom’s media manager Cem Cohen added:

“There is a difference between a map and an app. We don’t develop the app. We license the map data, which is like a foundation. The customer can build on top of that, but we license the same mapping data to all our customers.”

Fisher declined to comment on whether Apple had asked map maker for help in resolving the issues, saying it never comments on individual customers.

Err… Isn’t that what you just did?

Hopefully Apple Maps will be sorted very soon, but the damage it’s caused to Apple’s image may take longer to rectify.

Source: Wall Street Journal