Mobile Wars – Is the customer losing out?

It really doesn’t seem like a day goes by when we’re not hearing about yet another lawsuit. You know how it goes by now. It’ll involve Apple and either Motorola or Samsung.

The Apple Maps criticisms are just the thin end of the wedge. I won’t blame anyone, but it’s becoming obvious that Google Android and Apple are becoming more than just competitors. There’s a fierce rivalry now, and one which is spiralling ever upward.

The new iPhone 5 recently got opened up, and it appears that there’s a lot less Samsung kit inside. Meanwhile, on the software level, YouTube and Google Maps got removed from iOS. Sure, YouTube came back as a seperate app, but the jury is still out on whether Google Maps will arrive on iPhone anytime soon.

Could a stand-alone iOS Google Maps app be used as a bargaining chip by Google?

Could it be held back by Apple?

No doubt we’ll see rumours swirling around the internet stating that both of these are happening at some point.

But I’m worried. This constant fighting over dubious software patents, millions spent on lawsuits, bans, appeals and now apps getting removed just because they mention the competitor. What next ? Will Google search be removed as an option ? Will Apple Search be installed instead?

I don’t know about you, but I like using a selection of tools from various sources. If I want to buy a Windows Phone then I’d like to use Google search, not Bing. I’d like to use Google Maps too, and currently I can, but what if everyone starts playing the same games? What if the lawsuits and fighting spills over even further?

Choice was reduced last week. I just hope that this doesn’t continue further.

Today someone said this to me, and it’s very true indeed..

If you’re a fanboi and you love your Android, your iPhone or your Windows Phone, just imagine if your OS won. Imagine that tomorrow EVERYONE had the same phone or the same OS. How frightening would that be?