Apple announces 5 Million iPhone 5’s sold in first 3 days


Apple has just announced that they have sold 5 million iPhone 5’s in its first 3 days on sale. For comparison the iPhone 4S sold 4m in its first 3 days on sale. Of course we knew the iPhone 5 was off to a roaring start after it was announced there was 2m pre-orders. The 5 million only comprises devices sold to consumers, no unshipped pre-orders and no unsold stock is included in the count.

The furore over the new Maps and a vocal minority declaring boredom doesn’t seem to have stimied consumer desire for the new phone from Apple.

Apple also announced that over 100m devices have already been updated to iOS 6. That should be a massive step towards getting the crowdsourced data Apple needs to fix errors in the new Maps app. If you want to know how you can help, we wrote about it earlier today

Link – Apple