Are you a bungee-jumping Londoner? Get your free Borderlands 2 copy tomorrow!

Do you like the sound of a free copy of Borderlands 2? Are you the sort to do scary things to get said game for free? How about bungee jumping off a crane!

From 10AM-4PM tomorrow (Sunday, 23rd September), the game studio 2K are running a crazy PR stunt where they are taking a crane to Brick Lane (see below for a map) with a bungee cord attached. From 10AM-4PM, they will give a copy of the brand new Borderlands 2 game to anyone who dares take the challenge.

I’m not a Londoner, but if you are (and you don’t mind heights and freefall) then this may be the perfect promotion for you!

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Source: CVG via HUKD