Coolsmartphone Podcast – Episode 15

Coolsmartphone Podcast   Episode 15

This week we discuss the new devices from HTC, Motorola, the Apple Maps controversy and much more. We also answer your questions.

This week your hosts are, Jamie Ryan, Ravi Patel and James Pearce

Coolsmartphone Podcast   Episode 15

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  • Marcus

    Listening to this as I type. My thought about forcing stock android on manufacturers is this.
    Google and Facebook do not get on while Facebook and manufacturers have no trouble. So for starters phones need a skin so that we can get Facebook integration. If that was all that they were allowed then it would be obvious so they need so give a little more leeway. In short go for almost stock with a light skin which has some good Facebook integration and there you have everything you need.
    Except of course for the fact that it takes too long for manufacturers to upgrade android versions even if they have the lightest skinning.