BBC iPlayer for Android gets a new companion app

BBC iPlayer for Android gets a new companion app

The BBC, Adobe Flash and Android Jellybean have all been a bit of a hot topic recently. With Adobe removing Flash from the Google Play Store which left users wanting to install the BBC iPlayer a little lost. Rumours are that the BBC put some pressure on Adobe regarding putting back on the Play Store and lo and behold it re-appeared.

We all knew deep down that was only going to be a temporary thing and today the BBC have unveiled what they have been working on.

They have come up with an Android app called BBC Media Player, which is an app you install alongside their other apps and if the app or website needs to access the iPlayer videos it uses the Media Player to playback your video. It’s quite neat and shows us that Jellybean users are not going to be left high and dry.

They just need to update the iPlayer app next and us Nexus 7 owners will be sorted.

For more detailed info head over to the BBC iPlayer Blog here. Or you could isntall the app and see how you get on. Play Store Link here.

Here is the Play Store blurb:

This application works with other BBC websites and applications to provide improved video and audio playback on your Android phone. We’re just rolling it out now to the BBC iPlayer website. Other applications and websites will follow. Once you have downloaded this application, continue to browse the BBC website on your Android phone as normal. When you play any video or audio the BBC Media Player will launch and handle playback of the content. We’ve worked hard to integrate it as much as possible with the website, so don’t worry if you don’t notice this happening.

As we are just beginning to integrate it with the site now, it may take a few hours before this new player is used by the particular content you are looking at. In the meantime, you will be able to continue watch and listen to our shows the same way as you always have.

You may notice that when you install the app it asks you for permission to access your phone’s network communication, phone calls, and system tools.

These are standard Android app permissions that are defined by the Google Android platform. The 3 permissions the BBC Media Player app asks to use are: – Network Communication – full internet access. Granting this permission provides the BBC Media Player app with access to the internet so it can play programmes. – Phone Calls – read phone state and identity. Granting this permission provides the BBC Media Player app with phone communication status and notifies the application if the phone rings or a phone call is in progress. We use this to ensure that the BBC Media Player pauses if you receive a phone call while watching a programme. The BBC Media Player app does not access or store any personal information, phone numbers or IMEI numbers. – System tools – preventing phone from sleeping, retrieve running applications. Granting this permission provides the BBC Media Player app with the ability to prevent the phone going to sleep when you are watching a programme.

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