iControlPad 2 hits Kickstarter

Remember Ravi‘s article a few weeks back about his ideal gaming device? Well, this new KickStarter project will be right up his street. Based on the fairly popular iControlPad, the iControlPad 2 is an open-source (the first open source controller in the world, apparently) bluetooth gaming controller, keyboard and mouse emulation device.

It also doesn’t need software support to hardwareify (yes, I made that word up)  your favourite mobile games – it uses mapping software to overlay iControlPad onto the on-screen buttons (skip to 3:18 in the video below). The app doesn’t recognise the iControlPad, but the buttons work a treat.

If you want to visit the iControlPad website, go here: http://www.icontrolpad.com/

If you want to fund the Kickstarter project (to get an iControlPad, it’s $49 + $20 shipping – for us here in the UK works out at just below £50 in total) either use the widget below or go here.