Nokia join in with the whole “it doesn’t take a genius” circus

Nokia have joined in on the whole iPhone 5 vs the Galaxy SIII banter with the following tweet over the weekend.
Nokia join in with the whole it doesnt take a genius circus

Personally I have chosen to get one of the new Lumia phones over the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy SIII. As to which Lumia I’m unsure yet.

But the more I see of Samsung and their odd marketing style the less I feel like getting another of their phones. But hey that’s just my opinion.

Source – Twitter

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  • I couldn’t aggree more with your last comment, and as a current Samsung owner, I’m hoping the next Nexus won’t be a Samsung.

  • Anthony

    ROFL Amazing Camera. If its so amazing why did you have to fake video and photos?

  • Keep up Anthony thats old news and Nokia have vindicated themselves over that. The camera in the 920 is excellent. FACT.