Getting ready for Motorola

Tomorrow is an exciting day for Intel fans with Motorola taking the reins and treating us to something they promise to be spectacular. Along side the three devices announced the rumour mill is abuzz with mention of a bezel-less smart phone and the invite hints at this just as heavily with the wording “ Let us take you to the edge” if bezels are a thing of the past them I am eager to see what becomes of such a device.

The NYC event had sing-alongs and the Droid RAZR HD, the Droid RAZR MAXX HD and the RAZR M it seems to be all about big screens big batteries and a whole bunch o’ Jelly Beans. Chances are that the duo of ‘HD’ phones are the ‘edge’ that Motorola are referencing in their invite but who knows, it will be interesting to see how the droid branding gets translated as it travels across the pond.will Motorola jump on the UK’s new LTE network. Do you think its time for the droid name to come to the UK? Tell us what you think below or in the forums.

Come back tomorrow morning for more info as it happens.