Windows Phone 8 is ready

So we have had the Samsung Ativ S, and the two new Nokia Lumia phones announced in the 820 and 920… but when will Windows Phone be ready?

It seems the answer is that the operating system IS ready to go so we should start seeing these new devices on sale sometime in November. Windows Phone 8 is the latest version of the Microsoft OS which has had a lot of attention for different reasons, one big reason being the fact it will not run on existing hardware so anyone with a Lumia 900 or other manufacturer device will not see all these new features.

Windows Phone 8 is ready

As the moment the only UK carrier we know confirmed to take both the Lumia phones is EE (formally Everything Everywhere) as they plan on using these new phones on their LTE network which is already rolling out and soon to be available for customers to start using.

No other network has announced any information yet but expect that to start coming in sometime in October with a November release date.

Link: The Verge

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  • i have the samsung omnia 7 running 7.5 and i will be upgrading to the new samsung running WP8….i will not being going back to being a apple whore!

  • Anonymous

    THis is a deliciously looking phone. I’m impressed with what Nokia is doing to its camera technology. The add-on features I think will be the deciding factor when buying Windows phone. Wireless charging, glove-friendly touchcreen, outstanding collection of Nokia apps, and better specs compared to iPhone.

  • If it is ready now, get the phones to market, November is a long time to wait for Nokia, they need to start getting sales under their belts and soon.
    I hope this is a success. I may get a Windows phone next time I upgrade. The Nokia ones are a bit too chunky for me so it will be interesting to see what smaller devices are produced. Not all of us want a(nother ;) behemoth stuffed in their pocket.