iPhone 5 shows up in Geekbench

The iPhone 5 has appeared on popular benchmarking tool Geekbench. As well as already known specs, the results seem to indicate that the latest phone from Apple is a 1GHZ Dual Core ARMv7 processor with 1GB of RAM. Apple doesn’t confirm specifications like this for iOS devices so we have to wait for tools like this to confirm it.  The score posted is a lofty 1601 which is more than double the iPhone 4S which is 629. Equally as impressive is that the iPhone 5 seems to be able to hold its own against even the highest specced Android devices like the Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S III which score 1591 and 1560 respectively.

John Poole of PrimateLabs, who run Geekbench, has confirmed to MacRumors that whilst these numbers could be faked he is confident they are real. You can see screenshots of the scores below.

iPhone 5 shows up in GeekbenchiPhone 5 shows up in Geekbench

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  • Owen

    My S3 just scored 1892.and that’s on ICS 4.0.4

    • My GS3 scored 1822, but this is still dual core vs quad. In a fair test the GS3 would much less if it was dual core. The A6 is an impressive chip.

  • Mr Edd

    The Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean beats the iphone 5. 1781 against 1601. I guess you missed that Jamie. http://www.androidauthority.com/iphone-5-bests-galaxy-s3-nexus-7-ipad-3-geekbench-benchmark-certain-conditions-apply-115393/

    • Guest

      I’m only reporting the scores as they appear on Geekbench. Jelly Bean isn’t officially out for the S3 yet and as such the scores haven’t been updated.

  • Anthony

    I notice the Galaxy S3 is suspiciously higher now. Good thing this article has screen shots instead of just reporting the number.