Windows Phone Game Review – Dalton – THE AWESOME

There is something I like about run and jump games, there is also something I like about games that look hand drawn. Well just imagine how excited I was to find a run and jump game that looked hand drawn (very excited).

Dalton is the star of the game and he is on a mission to kill all of the zombies in his way. No explanation of why there are so many zombies nor any explanation of why he seems to be based in either Pisa or Egypt.

To kill the zombies Dalton has to either jump on them, shoot them, squash them with giant Dalton or land on them with his skate board. Sounds simple really but Dalton has to run along a rooftop littered with obstacles. You have to jump over gaps, spikes, oil or changes in height. Again it all sounds relatively simple, but once combined you get drawn in.

It is one of those games that once you have committed to the jump you just know it’s no good and you get to watch your death in painful slow motion. It becomes quite addictive to see quite how far you can run for.

As it is for Windows Phone and it is free you would expect the game to be littered with adverts, well shock horror it isn’t. It almost feels like one of those games that has gone free for a promo period. Either way it’s great ad you give it a try.

Marketplace Link – Dalton – THE AWESOME