Xperia T review and unboxing incoming

Xperia T review and unboxing incoming

Hi fair readers,

Just a wee quick one to say that very soon we will be getting a Sony Xperia T to unbox and review compliments of Sony.

I am very pleased to say that due to me being part of the Sony Ambassador program we will be one of the first sites in the UK to be unboxing and reviewing the brand new Xperia T. We are also hearing that the Xperia T will be launched end of Sep (27-29) and is going to be an exclusive to Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u on release. No plans for SIM Free until January 2013. It’s brother, the J will be following mid October.

This phone definitely looks to be an exciting bit of kit so if you want to find out more about it then keep it glued to Coolsmartphone.

If you have any questions about things you would like me to check then let me know in the comments or in the forums here.

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  • Glen

    Hi Gary, this does look good but the battery life will be interesting as it appears to be none replaceable, unlike its “brother”, the TX. So can you test it to destruction so to speak as the over all spec does look good, also side by side photos with another 8meg camera would be interesting to see if you can actually see any difference