Orange and T-Mobile announce iPhone 5 pricing – No charge for upgrading to 4G later

Pricing for the iPhone 5 has been revealed by Orange and T-Mobile. Hold tight, because if you want the cheapest iPhone 5 (16GB) free you’re going to have to stump up £46 a month. For that you do get 3GB of internet and unlimited texts, unlimited calls.

If you’re pain threshold is £36 per month and no more, you can get 1GB of internet and unlimited texts / calls but you’ll have to pay £109.99 for the 16GB version up-front, £219.99 for th 32GB version or £269.99 for the 64GB versions.

Plans go all the way up to the “unlimited” internet package, which gets you the 16GB for nothing up-front, the 32GB for £39.99 up-front or £129.99 up-front for the 64GB version. Oh, but you’ll pay £51 per month for that.

All are 24 month contracts and you’ll also need to pay a £50 deposit if you’re going for a plan costing £41 a month or more. That’ll get refunded back after 4 months, but I guess it acts as a guarantee that you can afford that much every month.

T-Mobile also have the iPhone 5 up for pre-order and you can get one for just £21 per month (50 mins and 250 texts with 750MB data), but you will have to stump up £339 for the handset (16GB version). Even if you crank it up to a £36 24-month plan with unlimited texts, 600 mins and 750MB data, you’ll need £109 up-front.

Head over to the links below and click “pre-order” for more info. You can buy the handset now and upgrade to the new 4G EE service when it goes live too. You just need a new SIM card and an EE plan and you won’t get charged for breaking your contract early as long as you move to “an equivilent priced and length plan on EE”.

EE price plans have not been announced yet.

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