Apple to supply free Lightning to 30 Pin connectors with iPhone 5 orders

When Apple announced the new iPhone would come with a different dock connector there was some consternation amongst buyers. The adapter was then priced at £25 which only made the matter worse in some peoples eyes.

Well it turns out, as first spotted by Matt Brian at The Next Web, when buyers are going through the purchase process for the iPhone 5, they are told that a free Lightning to 30 pin adapter will be included. This is good news for anyone who needed to buy an adapter but was put off by the high price as this should go some way to resolving the potential headache.

Apple to supply free Lightning to 30 Pin connectors with iPhone 5 orders

Each additional standalone adapter will cost £25/$29  and for one with a cable is £30/$39. The cabled adapter should, in theory, allow you to still connect the iPhone to the majority of old accessories. The reason given for these adapters being pricier than you would expect is that there are components inside each of the adapters that have to process the work normally done by 30 pins down to just 9 pins.

We discussed the new dock connector on this week Podcast and I wrote an opinion piece on it also.

Update: The above message no longer appears when ordering a phone. It seems this may have only been for initial pre-orders. We’ll update further once we have confirmation.

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  • Michael

    Apple didnt have to do this but they did anyway. Thats good.

  • Moo Moo Head

    Interesting to know if Apple had planned to do this all along, or were forced into it by the backlash on the cost of the adaptor. Doubt they wanted an Adaptor gate.
    If they were forced, then they are gumbos for not anticipating it, if they planned this all along but forgot to mention in the announcement then they are gumbos, so it is official, they are gumbos.

    • Moo Moo Head

      by the way, is there a backwards adaptor for speakers bought with the new pin, but people using them with the iphone 4s?

  • gizmodo are reporting this offer has been removed.
    .. cant check from here…

    • Guest

      We are awaiting confirmation on whether this only for initial pre-orders.

  • Raygun

    Why bother with the iphone 5, it really pales in comparison to the competition.