Hands-on with the new iPhone 5?

Hands on with the new iPhone 5?

In the US there’s a chat show called Jimmy Kimmel Live. Following the iPhone 5 launch, they took to the streets to show people the new iPhone 5 and get their opinion.

Trouble is, the iPhone 5 isn’t available just yet, and what the people actually handled was the current iPhone 4S. It’s interesting to see how even current iPhone users got fooled by the stunt…

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  • LaughingBackAtYa

    If you want to take the p*** out of the US public, perhaps Jimmy Kimmel needs to ensure he know what phone he showing them, it’s an iPhone 4 NOT a 4S. Look at the seperator in the casing next to the headphone socket. That’s not on a 4S, only the 4.

  • iGroan

    I’m pretty sure that’s the iPhone 4, and NOT the 4S. Look at the black line next to the headphone socket, that’s only on the 4, NOT a 4S.

    Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel needs to get his facts straight before taking the p*** out of others.

  • Anonymous

    it’s an iPhone 4, not 4S. Shame on you Kimmel!