eBay App packs up

We’ve had quite a few emails about the eBay Android app this evening, and we’d love to know from you if it’s doing the same on the iPhone too. For some reason this message is popping up when you try to do pretty much anything in the app, and it seems that it’s exceeded the API usage.

eBay has told us…

It looks like there’s a technical problem with our site right now. I’ve forwarded your information to our technical team so that we can resolve it as soon as possible.

Update – Looks like the iOS version is affected too.

Update – The most recent update has now been rolled back and the older version is now getting pushed back it to handsets. After updating / downgrading through the Google Play store we had to clear the cache and all temporary files to get things working again – see below. This fixes the issue.. or at least works around it…

eBay App packs up
eBay App packs up

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