Ask us a question for our podcast – Episode 14

It’s that time of the week again, where a few of us gather round our microphones and pretend to listen to what the others are saying whilst playing Angry Birds on our latest review unit.

Yes it’s our podcast and as usual we will be recording it tonight ready to be published tomorrow.

I’m guessing this weeks podcast might be about Apple, 4G and possibly some other stuff. As usual we will have our readers/listeners questions at some point during the whole podcast.

So if you have a question leave us a comment below and we will do our best to read your question out during the podcast and attempt to answer it.

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Samsung Galaxy Beam gets a price drop
  • Here’s a question. What is the most you have spent on one single app, what was it and was it worth the money? Mine was an impulse purchase of SPB Shell 3D for Android, and it cost an outrageous £10. I used it for about 2 hours, uninstalled it and never used it again.

  • My Q: Surely, SURELY it’s time to call Apple out for using a proprietary connector for the new iPhone 5 etc when microUSB is now a WORLD standard and has been in use for 5 years by some companies (e.g. Nokia)?

  • With the announcement of LTE how many of the latest handsets (eg HTC1X) will be able to utilise it? Will it only be the new iP5 that will be able to take advantage? If we’re all going to have to get new handsets to benefit from it what was the point of rolling it out?

  • Moo Moo Head

    Q1. On the point of EE LTE, I am currently with o2, but have no other reason to stay with them, e.g another service, so should I move to EE or wait for LTE on o2. If o2, do you have any inside info into the LTE roll out for next year, or will it be 2014?
    Q2. If EE is offering the LTE Iphone 5, would you expect to see lots of people abandoning the other networks and rushing to EE, phone is same price sim free, contract should be the same price, and data allowance should be the same, but 3G or 4G and will it impact their new 4G network speed with the that rush, like when o2 had the initial iphone exclusivity?

  • Dave

    Would it be better to wait until 4G is available on the 800MHz band before buying a 4G capable phone? The lower frequency should propogate through buildings better than the 1800MHz 4G signals soon to be available.

  • Guest

    Thanks guys, these have all been answered as best we can on this weeks podcast