Official iPhone 5 Promo Video ?

Official iPhone 5 Promo Video ?

Real? Well, with the event just hours away why would you spend so many hours faking this? We’re going to have to assume it’s the real deal for now but we’ll know more when or live coverage starts tomorrow. :)

The video seems to reveal fingerprint recognition and a 720p face-pointing camera, although strangely there’s no mention of the rear camera below.

It’s 9mm taller and only 7.6mm thick according to this vid, weighing in at 130 grams. It also shows a 4″ 16:9 screen with 640×1136 resolution at 326ppi and LTE (4G) technology – ideal for the EE 4G network.

An A6 CPU, 1GB RAM and 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants are shown. The rumoured mini dock connector and Nano SIM card

Credit – Bob

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  • Well, not long before we all know the truth and the rumours are put to bed. S’funny, I don’t even like Apple and would never buy an ianything yet I like all the other sheep on the planet have to watch the bloody presentations!

    • Anonymous

      Well, if it’s got all this stuff, I’d be fairly pleased I suppose. Unlike the other sheep, I’m fairly happy not to watch their annoying presentations and just read about the spec in the news ;)

  • Fake. Why would apple use an O2 micro sim in the rendering?