The life of a fanboi

The life of a fanboi

Just how do you upset someone? Do you call them ugly? Do you insult a member of their family? Do you question the size of their manhood?

No, no, no. You merely have to criticise their choice of phone or Operating System.

Talk to the SysAdmin guy in your office and, if he’s a Linux fan, you can watch him explode in a ball of flames moments after telling him that, “Windows is a far better server platform”.

Tell a Microsoft guy that Linux is more reliable and you’ll feet a similar result. Oh and yes, you can probably guess what would happen if you told an Android fan that the iPhone was better… And vice-versa..

So it’s probably best not to insult those who constantly tell you how good their OS or phone is. Here’s a jovial look at one of those people who constantly tell you how good their chosen OS. I’ll sit on the fence here, because he seems to hang around with a number of very good-looking ladies, so he must be doing something right…

The video is written by Scott Rose and Andrew Baird. Thanks to Mark for the tip.