Jelly Bean now on 1.2% of all Android devices

Yesterday Eric Schmidt gave us an update on how Android is doing and today Google updated their Android Platform Versions page.

Jelly Bean now on 1.2% of all Android devices

As you can see, Jelly Bean is now on 1.2% of Android devices whilst Ice Cream Sandwich has grown to 20.9%. Gingerbread is still by far the largest installed version with a whopping 57.5% of devices which is down from 60.6% last month.

Whats interesting is we can use the above data combined with Eric Schmidts info from yesterday to extrapolate that there are 5.76m devices running Jelly Bean. That number would comprise Nexus 7 Tablets as well as any Nexus phones and other devices that have been updated. The same method would also put ICS devices at just over 100 million and Gingerbread devices at 276 million.

With the news coming recently that Samsung has sold 20m Galaxy S3‘s, which are rumored to be getting a Jelly Bean update any time now, the percentage of devices running the latest OS could take a massive leap by the time the next set of figures is released in October.


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