HTC revenues slipping – HTC One X, S & V not pulling their smartweight

Today HTC posted their revenue figures for this month, confirming what we can – or rather can’t see in people’s hands, namely the One X and S aren’t selling in the same numbers as they did at the same point last year.  They’re announcing unaudited consolidated revenue for August 2012 of NT$24.0bn (roughly 0.5bn) which is down approximately 47% from the same point last year.

There are possibly two things which hasn’t helped the once highly favoured ODM this year: The first was them making strategic decisions to pull out of South Korea and Brazil, two of the hottest contested markets, and the other one is the already legendary Samsung SIII which has ended up being the biggest selling handset of the year way back in May. 20 million in 100 days isn’t anything to sniff at.

When its $40 million stake in onlive went down the pan when it declared bankruptcy probably hasn’t helped either. Although the move to market phones in its own name has produced dividends over the last few years, their moves into attempting to rebrand themselves by offering 25Gb worth of dropbox space, Beats for Dre music profiles and headphones, and the aforementioned possible move into gaming with onlive.