Ask us a question for our podcast – Episode 13

13, unlucky for some. Hopefully not for us as tonight we are recording episode 13 of our Podcast. It will be published tomorrow and here is where we ask you to ask us a question.

Your question will be read out and we will all try our best to answer your question.

Leave a comment below and we’ll do the rest.

Jelly Bean now on 1.2% of all Android devices
The real Nokia 920 Pureview video
  • why is it that OEM’s that are releasing new devices, for example Motorola with their new RAZR line of phones, are releasing them with ICS and not Gingerbread? Is it that the OS is not OEM-ready as of yet? The transition from ICS to JB should be a smaller leap compared to Gingerbread to ICS so updating kernels and drivers should not be that big of a deal unless I’m not understanding this process correctly.

  • Louis

    What is your favourite app of all time?
    What is your favourite mobile game of all time?

  • From all the handsets you have owned, If you had to use one of them for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?

  • Further to the article about second hand tech by Ronnie earlier this week, what have been your personal experiences? Any horror stories?

  • Kev

    Looking forward to this. really enjoyed the last few weeks. banter between the regular guys jamie james and ravi is good.

  • wayne

    great show guys, my question is all these cloud services like dropbox, box, google drive and loads of others, i use my free 50 gig box account and have uploaded all my photos, but whats stopping these companys in the future going bump and just turning off the cloud storage ????? thanks guys