Alleged New iPhone shown on video, boots up partially

This video allegedly shows the new iPhone, which has been taken from a Foxconn factory in china, being compared to an iPhone 4S. The device is then booted to the setup screen where an error message is given. The hardware certainly looks final and the error could very well be set so that it won’t inititiate the startup process until after September 12th. More and more it seems that this is what the New iPhone will look like. We’ll find out for sure next Wednesday.

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  • Looks pretty real. I have always been a bit sceptical about the stretched screen that has been *rumoured*. This has been because Apple have always kept the resolution of the phones (and the tabs) exact multiples, either 480 * 320 or 960 * 640 (1024 * 768 or 2048 * 1536). I don`t understand how the stretched screen can keep this type of resolution / aspect ratio. Maybe it’ll have an all new aspect ratio with ios6 being clever enough to stretch the apps to fit? Or am I totally confused and talking complete and utter tosh?

    • Guest

      The apps should scale in theory, especially if they use the HIG. iOS apps have to adjust at the moment to accomodate the double status bar when on a call so it should be possible for on screen elements to move up.

  • I cant make my mind up weather keeping this design for the new iphone is a good or bad thing. The iPhone4/4S is an excellent design and I love it. There I’ve said it. BUT Apple typically sell to the hip and happening crowd and I’m not so sure they’ll appreciate an almost identical design again. After all they like to flash their phones so that people can coo over them. Maybe the bigger screen will sell it for them. It just seems a bit …. boring?
    I’m sure it’ll sell millions whatever I think