Horn by Zynga for Android [first impressions] **updated**

The eagerly awaited Legend of Zelda meets Infinity Blade release from Phosphor games was finally released on Thursday for those of you that are unfamiliar with the game Horn was one of the games used to showcase the nVidia Tegra 3 chipset inside the Google Nexus 7 at Google I/O in June, If you take a look at the video clip from the event you will see pretty much the same amount of game play I have been experiencing playing Horn on my Google Nexus 7 yeah about 30 seconds!

**[UPDATE] Further to this I have found out that by creating a second save game slot that I have been able to progress 20% of the way through the game without on crash, if you have this game and are experiencing similar issues can you try creating another save game and see if it improves the stability of the game…**

It’s been frustrating to say the least! First there was the initial file download for nearly 2GB to your device meaning theres no hope of getting a refund if you don’t like the game after purchasing it. I have played the first couple parts of the game now about six or seven times over because the game just runs out of ram to use crashes out meaning you have to start over

Bearing in mind it was built specifically for Tegra devices it’s a bit clunky on my N7 some of the fight scenes are really choppy and the sound kept going missing an like I stated earlier it keeps crashing out. There was also a licence check that stopped me from progressing anywhere through the game, I had the wifi on the n7 turned on and kept getting a dialog which when you hit the ok button closed the game, turning off the wifi seemed to get around the issue but it was getting frustrating going into a new level and not knowing whether or not your going to get booted out of the game

I had been saving part of the £15 Google Play credit I got with my Nexus 7 specifically for this game and at £5.07 you think the game would be a bit more stable. Also something I discovered is that if you want more Pygite you can buy it as an in app purchase which I think is an outright liberty considering the price and how unstable the game is to start with, I’m just hoping there will be another update to address the stability issues

Overall though it’s hard to stay annoyed at Horn because it’s such a charming game, the voice acting in it is great with anime like story boards really giving a good feel to the game, the battle parts were easy enough to pick up and will keep you entertained on your way through this game, if you ever get past Cuthbert!!

Also horizontal panning can be inverted which is what it feels like it should be to start with, but after playing for a while in normal pan when it was inverted it felt weird

Horn showcase at Google I/O http://goo.gl/qYPrV
Horn on the play store http://goo.gl/hI0li