KeyCase Google Nexus 7 Keyboard Case Review

KeyCase Google Nexus 7 Keyboard Case ReviewThe Asus built Google tablet has been out for a while now and  Nexus 7 accessories are coming thick and fast.

Once such accessory is the Keycase Google Nexus 7 Keyboard Case.  If you hadn’t guessed by the name it is a case for the Nexus 7 that comes with a built in bluetooth keyboard and fortunately for us the wonderful people at Mobile Fun have sent us one over to review.

Upon unpacking the Keyboard case my first thought was “its a bit bl**dy big.”  However upon further inspection and once I had actually slotted my Nexus 7 into the cover and started using it the thought that it was a bit big soon went away.

The case itself is made from black leather with good quality stitching around all edges.  On the rear is a pull out stand and a cutout for the rear speaker as well as a securing tab. Inside is the full QWERTY keyboard which features quiet keypress technology.

The Nexus 7 is slotted into place and all the usual cutouts are present and correct to enable charging, the camera and access to the standby and volume buttons.  There is also a handy little tab for securing either a stylus or a pen.

Once charged using the included cable, I switched on the keyboard.  Pairing with the Nexus 7 was a simple process that involved enabling bluetooth on the tablet and pressing a button on the keyboard itself.  The keyboard was found instantly and pairing was no trouble at all.  As the keyboard has active pairing, it connected to my Nexus every time I took it out of standby.

In order to preserve battery the Keyboard case also has an auto-sleep function.  This means that the keyboard puts itself to sleep after 10 minutes of non use.  This helps to meet the quoted battery life of 45 hours.  I personally didn’t leave the case that long between charges however it is safe to say that I didn’t experience any battery issues at all.

The keyboard itself is comfortable to type on, and whilst compact the keys are not too close together that you hit one whilst meaning to press another.  Android functionality is built in with function keys for back, home, internet, email and many others.

The Keycase Google Nexus 7 cover also has the added benefit of making use of the tablets sleep function.  Simply close the cover and the device goes to sleep, open the cover and it wakes again.

I tend to use my netbook for day to day tasks, the portability it offers makes it much easier than the laptop.  With the Keycase keyboard case my netbook may well find itself redundant.

So, If you are looking for a Google Nexus 7 cover and would like the added attraction of a keyboard for easier typing then I would highly recommend the Keycase Google Nexus 7.

The Keycase Google Nexus 7 is available from Mobile Fun for £39.95