Is this going to be the new tablet from HTC?

Don’t you just love the internet? No secret is rarely kept a secret for long, the latest bit of info from the internet that should have possibly kept under wraps is the possible design for a new HTC tablet.

A previously unknow Twitter account EVLeaks has posted a series of pictures detailing what looks like a law suit waiting to happen. These images look like they have been taken from a promo video and they show what looks like a 10” ish tablet with a strange hand hold area along one edge.

There are no details or specs at the moment, hopefully they will get leaked soon. All that can be seen is it is running Android and has the Google apps installed, so nothing ground breaking there.

The design reminds me of an Apple iMac with what appears to be a camera at the bottom of the screen. The extra space would make for a great hand hold for an ebook reader or as part of the device that slides into a landscape dock (as shown in the pictures).

Are the images real? I sure don’t know. Are Apple going to allow this mini iMac design? Again I don’t know. One thing is for sure though, if and when any more info appears we will let you know.

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